Election Special: A Blogger’s 101 on the upcoming elections!

I am not politically aligned. I have not been politically aligned yet. I have not taken an active interest in politics so far – except for keeping track of whatever is reported in the newspaper once in a while. I am  a tax-paying citizen and it’s high time I make a start. So here I go..

I virtually live on the internet. So it is only appropriate that I start my analysis and opinion-forming exercise from here itself – a medium that I spend most of my waking life on and one that I feel will drive the future of information, if it isn’t already. I went through the web presence of some of our leaders here and jot down what I feel about the message they are trying to convey. There are some questions along the way – But I would like to clarify that these I am NOT taking any sides (well, not yet – this is only the START of my analysis, remember?)  😉

Now, I understand that there are 2 basic fronts contesting the Lok Sabha polls this time –

  • The UPA (United Progressive Alliance) – led by the Congress; Prime Ministerial Candidate – Dr. Manmohan Singh; and
  • The NDA (National Democratic Alliance) – led by the BJP; Prime Ministerial Candidate – Shri L.K. Advani



… And here are the websites of 2 of our prime-ministerial candidates:

  • PM Dr. Manmohan Singh’s website: A static page on the internet. Does not give one the impression that it changes too often. Perhaps the only thing moving or suggesting movement is the GIF of the Indian flag. Can I hear what he feels about the country? – Ummm… No.. Not really.
  • Shri L.K. Advani’s website: Strong focus on GUI and web standards. Clearly communicates that the BJP is looking forward – to the extent of the 80-plus party patriarch speaking his mind out on his own blogCan I hear what he feels about the country? – Very much.. he is speaking his mind about the country and the campaign. Reaching out? – yes!


The question I ask is:

4 thoughts on “Election Special: A Blogger’s 101 on the upcoming elections!

  1. I think they should list all the nominees and their education and past records too. That would atleast give us some idea about the person we are going to vote.

  2. 1. What is the amount of web penetration in our country? If you look at those numbers, you will know why UPA is not serious about their web-presence.

    2. The historic win of Barack Obama has been largely credited to his grass roots support (mostly youngsters) and excellent use of social media (twitter, facebook). Can it be repeated in this general election, I would hope, but I am not too sure.

    Personally, I think its a move by the NDA (esp. Mr. Advani) is in the right direction.

  3. @ Dinu,

    Thanks! 🙂

    @ Amit,

    Totally agree – Revealing the educational qualifications, or if not that, at least criminal records of the candidates is an absolute must, I think!

    @ Aditya,

    1. Possibly – but that could also depend on certain other limitations. But yes, it can fairly be taken as a response to the initiatives taken by the ruling government.

    2. Yes. Probably because the web penetration is not too high.. and only a small section of the section in India can be targeted by such initiatives. Nonetheless, I guess it does make a difference.

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