Quetzal Verify – The ‘NEW’ Website!

When you work towards something, it is always a pretty sight to see the output. When you wanted to change something before coming into an organization, and you actually make it happen after spending some time there – it’s a good feeling – no matter how small the “something” is. I wanted to “re-do” the Quetzal Verify website – and its finally done – Follow the link!


Thanks a lot Rishi for patiently going through multiple rounds of changes, additions, subtractions to give it the present form. Rishi has been great to work with and has quite a command over Joomla – the open source CMS we used to design the website. Thanks a lot KK –  going through the Capillary Technologies website gave me the final push to go ahead and Just Do It!

One of the amazing things that came out of this excercise was the fact that the use of colours in a GUI is never random. It has a reason and a purpose. Devashish had trumendous insight here. He asked me to go through this article and then look at 30-odd websites to gather data about “where” and “how” the combination of Orange and Blue were used on different websites. My research revealed that:
  • 12 out of the 30 sites had an orange header / orange label headings on the sidebar
  • 10 out of the 30 sites had only ONE orange component 
  • 3 out of the 12 sites had an equal distrbution of orange and blue across header, navigation menus, buttons, etc. 

My research included 3 websites of Human Capital Management companies (working in domains similar to Quetzal Verify), and I noticed that on each of these 3 websites that the sites were predominantly Blue with a subtle (rather, minimal) but striking use of Orange – which is the basis for the colour combination we finally went ahead with.

Thanks a ton Vineeta and the entire QVerify Team for letting me do this my way.. Let’s get this on the road!

4 thoughts on “Quetzal Verify – The ‘NEW’ Website!

  1. hi, nice to go through ur blog…well written…why don’t you write in ur own mother tongue…? it is much more easier way to reach the masses…

    as i know, now a days typing in an Indian language is not a big task…recently i was searching for the user friendly Indian language typing tool and found… ” quillpad “.

    heard that it is much more superior than the Google’s indic transliteration..!? though Google has an option for only 5 languages and no rich text facility…but here in ‘quillpad’ it has an option for 9 Indian languages and has got Rich Text option too.

    do u know….expressing our views in our own mother tongue is a great feeling…and it is our duty too. so, save,protect,popularize and communicate in our own mother tongue….

    try this, http://www.quillpad.in

    Jai… Ho….

  2. @ Anik – Thanks! 🙂

    @ Sameera – Is this relevant?

    @ Santosh – I think you randomly posted this comment.. But I will let it remain here. Quillpad.in is erally amazing – Jai Ho! 🙂

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