The GOOD that people do!

Today seems to be a good day – Media-wise -for me! Friends featured all over – There is an article in MoneyToday about “Innovating to stay ahead”. It features some friends – so I just thought I’d record these links:

  • Quetzal – That’s where I work. Always good to have your company featured in the magazines!
  • AKVentureFounded by Kaushik and Arun from IIM A. They’re into Web Businesses and have done sites like and They are coming out with another portal soon – Watch this space for more!
  • Capillary TechnologiesKK, Aneesh and company – Rock on .. Ex-IITKGP, ITC, Microsoft & going strong!

Also, Harsh – who is involved with BJP’s e-Campaign appears twice – for a split second each time – in this CNN Video covering online initiatives taken by political parties. – Which reminds me, I should publish the results of the poll I conducted a few weeks back:

Question: Do you think aggressive online initiatives can help change the perception politicians and political parties in the minds of the youth?

  • Yes: 78%
  • No: 15%
  • I do not have an opinion: 7%

Amen to that! 🙂

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