How do start-ups manage manpower?

This post is “inspired” by my earlier post on “Outsourced Marketing?”

I had started a discussion on a LinkedIn forum about how start-ups acquire and manage talent. Ended up getting some wonderful insights from people all over.The question was –

Start-ups face 2 major challenges:

1. Money – of course – enough has been said about VCs, Angels, etc. – so I will not broach the subject!

2. People – … That’s the interesting bit! … A start-up which can crack this – is well on its way. Having people whop identify with an entrepreneur’s vision is the first step towards solving the people puzzle.. Or is it?

One thought on “How do start-ups manage manpower?

  1. Startups are a challenging place to work and you can gain immense experience if you get into a reputable venture. However there are a whole bunch of toxic mushrooming enterprises that should be kept at bay. These ventures are usually started by immature and inexperienced individuals with zilch people skills and no domain expertise. With the passage of time these units either sell out or shut down. Eitherways it is the employees that stand affected. The leadership of these ventures resemble ‘scavengers’ in more ways than one, and hence in a sheer gesture of venting, I have taken the liberty to so name them throughout this series.

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