Travel Diaries – Day 1: Rudrapur

Rudrapur (a small town approximately 6 hours by road from Lucknow) turned out to be nearly the opposite of what we (me and mum) had expected it to be. The developing industrial township in Uttarakhand (erstwhile Uttar Pradesh) is seing a burst of activity. Pantnagar Industrial Area is the place where large manufacturing units are set up – from Tata Motors to Bajaj, Brittania to Nestle, and HCL to TVS-Lucas – they’re all here.

What we expected to be a sleepy little town with a sub-1-lakh population is actually bustling – new shops coming up, construction work on everywhere and cyber cafes coming up at all  important street crossings. In fact, one thing I noticed was that ‘enterprising’ cyber-cafe owners have turned the ‘cafe’ into a virtual railway reservation counter –

Train Ticket Booking –

  • Rs. 20/- for 1 ticket
  • Rs. 30/- for 2 tickets

In fact, one of the places even had different ‘reservation charges’ for Sleeper, AC 3-tier and AC 2-tier. Call it ‘RobbinHood-ism’ or ‘enterpreneurial’, ‘knowledge-arbitrage’ or plain ‘fleecing’ – depending upon whichever way you look at it.

Just a few things I have been nagging to mom about – no electricity for about 8 horus every day (and there’s no fixed time),  no ‘network’ on the mobile phone – especially in the colony we’re living in (Batra Colony – an upcoming colony but probably on ‘town outskirts’), and of course – No Internet! 🙂 – Except the cyber-cafe’s I was talking about where the ‘server is down’ every once in a while!

Nonetheless, I had a chilled out time with family – both mum and extended family, my laptop and myself. I have a rather relaxing next 4 days ahead of me – From here we head to Nainital (70 Kms by road from Rudrapur) and onwards to Binsar for a couple of days. Then we hit Kausani and then come back to Rudrapur – from where I catch a train back to Lucknow (for Term 2 :)) and mum heads to Delhi where she spends a day or two before heading to Kolkata and we both get back to living the life we are used to – the ‘regular’ life, I mean!

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