MOVIE REVIEW: 3 Idiots – 3 Observations


There’s something about.. err.. Aamir (Mari?) .. I feel like reviewing every movie of his after I watch it. probably because of the amount of effort he has puts in behind making each of the movies. Since I started about 3 years ago (it has over 2,00,000 hits now!), Aamir Khan has 3 releases – this being the third – and I have reviewed each of the 2 that preceded this one – Ghajini (Read Review) and Taare Zameen Par (Read Review).

Aamir Khan is like the Tom Hanks of Bollywood. Never ceases to surprise us with the range of characters that he can execute. In 3 Idiots (adapted in parts and of course, in CONCEPT, from Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone), Aamir plays the central character – by the name of Ranchhordas Chhanchad a.k.a. “Rancho”. I also remember seeing a direct adaptation of this book in ‘theatre’ format during an event at IIM Calcutta. This was produced by Evam (Read Review Here).

I am not going to give out too many details about the plot, etc. because:

  1. Either, You have already read Five Point Someone – and therefore, might have some sort of an idea;
  2. Or, You haven’t – in which case, it is worth watching it anyway – rather than me narrating a meandering story of fun-loving college-goers taking on LIFE!

I’d rather present 3 observations on 3 idiots, followed by some general rambling on it. So here goes.. My 3 observations:

OBSERVATION #1: Emotions are overdone in the movie.
Unlike Dil Chahta Hai, where the emotions were more in the form of subtle under-currents rather being dramatized and more in-your-face, 3 idiots chooses to tread the latter path. Most of the emotional scenes are a little more mellow than the ones in DCH. I am not saying one is better than the other, all I am saying it is different from DCH.

OBSERVATION #2: Protagonist inspired (also!) by Munnabhai MBBS
While that was not how the central character was modeled in Five-Point Someone, ‘Rancho’ in 3 Idiots is almost like the proverbial ‘Messiah who solves everyone’s problems.. keeps everyone happy’. I’d like to believe that the ‘concept’ is as inspired by MunnaBhai, as it is from FPS.

OBSERVATION #3: Music – scores an average!
The Music (sadly!) has not done justice to the script / flow / characterization of the movie. Not only are the tracks themselves not ‘up to the mark’, I can’t even relate all the songs to the situations – which doesn’t really speak volumes about the way the songs have been embedded into the script.

Overall, the performances are good – I did not think anyone was extra-ordinary in the movie. They were just good. The 2 strong messages that came out of the movie were -Follow your heart. Do what you like best. And success shall follow you. And secondly, education is about the ‘learning’ not marks.

No wonder, one of the status messages of a GTalk contact read – β€œ3 idiots – a must in every academic curriculum” .. I am sure many would agree with it – only that they would refrain from having it on their status messages for fear of being crowned “CORNY!” πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEW: 3 Idiots – 3 Observations

  1. Well the movie is pretty predictable and difficult to be considered a match for Munnabhai series.

    As for the message, I often wonder that while the concept of “education is for learning and not for marks” is good in abstract but is it implementable..something like the good old theory of communism and class-less society

    Nevertheless, i guess movies should be seen more for fun and less for message(s) and this one is certainly a paisa vasool

  2. Director of the film 3 Idiots, Mr Chopra stated that the film contains around 5 % of the original content of the Chetan Bhagats novel Five Point Some One and accordingly he was paid around 9.9 lakh, director also stated that he has shown the film to Mr. Bhagat. But the reality is that copying of the novel is more than 5 % and which version of the … See Morefilm was shown to Mr.Bhagat is also not clearly mentioned by Mr. Chopra. Mr. Bhagat was also not properly recognised by the film 3 Idiots. That is the violation of Moral right of Mr. Bhagat as per Sec. 57 of the Copyright Act 1957 of India. Mr. Bhagat may approach to the Court for infringement of moral rights. But it seems that there is some understanding among the producer, director, actors of the film and Mr. Bhagat to create controversies for publicity.

  3. @ Neo,

    Very interesting thought there – something like communism and class-less society. Brilliant parallel drawn!

    Do keep coming back to share your insights! πŸ™‚

  4. Overall…the movie fits in everything….the music may be ordinary but the lyrics of the song – “give me some sunshine” does reflect the burden of academics…& yes at least the film tries to explain that passion for something is more important than anything else!! I believe each one of us can relate to some situation or the other in the movie!!

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