Blogs, Lies & 3 Idiots

The title of this post is ‘loosely inspired’ from the movie ‘Sex, Lies & Videotape’ – just like 3 Idiots is ‘based on’ the novel Five-Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat.

Film-makers love controversy around their movies. So do the audiences. We like to ‘talk about it!’ The recent altercations between Chetan Bhagat and Rajkumar Hirani feed fodder to the ‘controversy-mongering’ minds of ours. For the uninitiated, here is what happened:
STEP 1 of CONTROVERSY: Chetan Bhagat, in his blog (& elsewhere in the media), alleges that he was not given ‘appropriate’ credits during the film. In fact, I also remember one of my batch mates commenting on my review of the movie saying that the movie is good, but ‘proper’ credits had not been given.
STEP 2 of CONTROVERSY: Rajkumar Hirani comes out with an ‘official’ video (from the user: ‘3idiots’ on Youtube)
justifying the stance.
Let us try and understand the entire ‘issue’. And, I am guessing this would appeal to fellow rational minds. But before that, I would like you all to check out the official video in which Rajkumar Hirani ‘tells-all’ – his end of he story!
The fact is – that there IS NO ‘issue.’ And the reasons are as follows:
If Chetan Bhagat was the ‘first’ person who Mr. Hirani went to with the script (once made!), didn’t get also show the entire movie (along with the credits?) to Chetan Bhagat? And if he did, how come Chetan Bhagat realized it only ONE Week POST the release of the movie that he hasn’t been given due credit? Why didn’t he point it out THEN? . Why create a fuss NOW?
The answer to “Why not THEN?” and “Why NOW?” could possibly lie in the power of Social Media. The makers of 3 Idiots (the whole bunch!) know that 3 Idiots is basically targeted at the urban / semi-urban youth – people who spend a LOT of time on the internet and who ‘buy’ gossip on Social Media platforms. Besides, it is easy to share with friends / discuss / dissect and have opinion centres all over. What I am basically getting at is – this could well be a marketing-gimmick and an attempt to fully exploit the power of Social Media towards marketing the movie to the youth.My opinion was reinforced after watching this Rajkumar Hirani video and Chetan Bhagat’s blog – ‘Closing Remarks.’ Aye Aye sir, the buzz is already generated – time for ‘closing remarks’, eh?
A few might argue that an ‘Aamir Khan’ flick doesn’t “NEED” any marketing. Agreed – it might not. But controversy always helps. That’s what BUZZ MARKETING (in Social Media parlance) is all about. And that is exactly what I see happening here!

3 thoughts on “Blogs, Lies & 3 Idiots

  1. It may be a stunt by chetan bhagat to gain publicity now but his name should be included in the starting of the film and not in the end of it where no one acknowledge it.

  2. Dear Neha and Amyth,

    Chetan is one of the Finest brains of India(Courtsey- IIT D and IIMA)… Even though he’s five pointer in IIT.
    Well he knows marketing pretty well…

    1. My Pt. is a movie which is Inspired by a Book at least 80%. should give credit? at the start: Inspired by or Adaptation of… 5 Pt. Some1. and The story CREDIT?
    the Book is read by 5 lack people bt movie is seen by 20 crore…
    Marketing should have been positive… i.e. at the start.

    2. Hirani says… Movie is 20% 5 pt. some1. hw can he say that… even the Dilogue…”Chodo yar Paneer pe conecentrate karo ” was copied.

    and the creativity by Hirani was bull shit practically.

    i. No1 can top IIT without studying… very very hard…
    becoz all are briliant guys there at least 90% people. 3 lack appear for exam and 2000 gets the seats…less tham 1%.

    ii. story of Ranchod Das… chanchad… Nakli certificates, IIT then Delivery etc… Looked fake and trust me… weakened the plot, otherwise the movie could have a memorable movie like Munnabhai or TZP. i cant watch it 3 times… i saw 2 times … n now its enough and i saw Sholay for 25 times…

    3. Yes The contract is fulfilled; but if a movie is so much inspired by a movie… so isnt it the moral responsibilty to gv that much credit… Trust me it hurts when out of 20 crore of people who say the movie its only 2 lack who have read the book are staying back to see the Name: CHETAN BHAGAT AND 5 POINT SOME1…

    So dear Frnds… In My opinion, Chetan is Right… Negative Publicity was not what he wanted as in corporate world with IIM IIT tag, 10 yrs of Experience he can easily have a bigtime package and i think he had seen enough corporate corruption to agn be a part of corruption….

    – SUNIL Saha


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