Google BUZZ = COPY (Facebook, Twitter)

The Social Media scene is increasingly beginning to look like a cluttered landscape by and by. Unfrotunately (& ironically!) Google, the virtual gatekeeper of the internet has joined the ‘clutter’ bandwagon – in (yet another!) desperate attempt to establish itself on the Social Networking front!
At a time when micro-updates were the over-crowded, overdone “BUZZ” of the hour, Google could have done better than create (yet!) another application to help us share our moods, pictures, links and everything else we think of to make ourselves ‘heard’ to people around. I don’t see WHY we “need” another application. Any idea / product / service can succeed only if it fulfils a “need” – but then again, the internet is is analogous to Darwinism – only the strongest and the most innovative will survive.
While one can be reasonably be sure that Google BUZZ will add innovative tweaks to make people want to switch from Twitter and Facebook Status Updates to using BUZZ, what got me a little disappointed was the fact that the BUZZ application looks like it has been virtually LIFTED from Facebook, concept-wise. Particularly, the “Like / Unlike” feature. And the whole “follower” / “following” bit is obviously lifted from Twitter.
Has Google reached the end of all the innovation it could possibly bring about? Has it reached the tipping point?
I do not know. But it is a question worth thinking about. Everything / person / campagin / company has a life-cycle. I wonder what phase of its life cycle Google is in.
The fact that we are all connected to Google (more importantly, connected to EACH OTHER through Google), means that BUZZ could very well translate itself into the next ‘Micro-Updates’ destination – but that will only be in the same way that Microsoft Office got recognized as the unversal standard for office document software (thanks to the near-monopoly of Microsoft Windows). For now though, I think this application is a cheap imitation of Facebook – and frankly speaking, I don’t see anything “BUZZ”Y about it.

2 thoughts on “Google BUZZ = COPY (Facebook, Twitter)

  1. It’s pretty cool IMHO. Everything’s inside my gmail now … and it is not so cluttered actually. 🙂 It is an imitation in some sense …. but I’d still say it’s a bold step towards coming up with a Nex-G thing. 🙂

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