IndiGo: Viral Marketing

In one of the best examples of an Indian company engaging in Viral Marketing, IndiGo Airlines has demonstrated a strong commitment towards using word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing by sending out emails. These emails are simple, easy and contain plain text only – to avoid making it look like SPAM. You just need to click on a link to get to the page of the actual content.

The content also has been carefully crafted. So far I have received 2 of the emails in this series:

Email 1:

IndiGo: Desperation is in the air(Click to go to the Actual Link)

If you click on the Image above you are taken to a flash video (again, neatly designed using the trademark indigo colours – purple and white). The video contains a series of texts where IndiGo quotes from surveys and makes BOLD statements in comparison with other airlines – Kingfisher, Spice Jet, et al. The strategy clearly has been to attack “claims made by competition” – claims which say that others have better ‘on-time performance’, for instance.

Low-cost airlines (popularly and colloquially known as “LCCs”),  are often accused of poor levels of customer service and lack of attention to detail with res.pect to hygeine. Both of these have been adequetely dealt with. In fact, in another of the BOLD statements, IndiGo has this to say about Customer Service:

At IndiGo we respect our customers. We don’t belittle you, talk you down or insult you.

2 marketing strategy lessons here:

  1. Attack false claims (backed by validated research data)
  2. USE your loyal customers by spreading word about false competitor claims

Email #2: The visual says it all. This did not have a series of statements. Just this image.

IndiGo Mailer

Bold, Brash and Honest. Well done IndiGo, take a BOW! \m/

8 thoughts on “IndiGo: Viral Marketing

  1. I have been recieving such mails for long now. I get one mail each month. Also, I am an ardent Indigo flyer. The number of options for flights/timings provided by Indigo is huge. Service is excellent and even if i want to fly by any other airlines, I cant because Indigo flights suit me the most. For example, Indigo knows that for people traveling back home for holidays, end of day flights are always convinient (just after office). You will always find cheapest flights avaialble at most convinient timings like 6:30-8:00 PM between all metro cities.

    Mail is sent out to people who leave their information on website while boooking tickets. Next time, if anyone books an Indigo ticket, do so from the Indigo website and dont forget to give your email id!! 🙂

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