Airtel Customer Care – Disappointing!

I usually don’t rant about stuff on this blog. But now I have to. Having been a satisfied customer of Vodafone for close to 4 years, I had to switch to Aiirtel once I shifted to Lucknow because most people on campus have Airtel. And what a downslide it has been!
There are 3 things I didn’t like about Airtel particularly:
1. They keep changing their prepaid schemes like nobody’s business.
2. The network at Vodafone was generally cleaner.. (I know this might vary from place to place, but what the hell – to a consumer, a problem is a problem!)
3. Lack lusture customer care at Airtel (121). They are not integrated. I was on roaming at Kolkata (I have an Airtel Lucknow number!) and they just COULD NOT help me with anything.
They could NOT help me with the following:
  • My mChek pin – to help me recharge online
  • My tariff plan (or the other plans available for Airtel Prepaid at Lucknow)
  • They couldn’t even give me the number of the Airtel Lucknow Customer Care
In an era of increasing integration of services (vertical, horizontal as well as geographical), this is one of the most dis-integrated entities I’ve seen. Either that, or it is simply the lack of interest in their customers. Airtel – you truly don’t seem to be too “Happy to help!”

24 thoughts on “Airtel Customer Care – Disappointing!

  1. I’ve been with Airtel for more than 5 years now, never had an issue, everything is very easy, and the customer care as well as AirTel Outlets are very helpful. But I got a vodafone blackberry from office (I have my own blackberry with AirTel) and its been a horrible experience ever since:

    1. They couldn’t somehow activate voice services for a long time (the default is a voice enabled BB). Airtel did it in less than 24 hours.
    2. The coverage sucks when you need it in the city, its good elsewhere. Airtel coverage is equally good everywhere here.
    3. The BES services (similar to GPRS) is extremely slow! It sucks! Airtel BES is awesome fast.
    4. Vodafone BES goes down atleast once or twice a week. They do not have resiliencies to provide uninterrupted services. Opposite with Airtel, they have resiliencies in their network, and there has been ZERO downtime till date.

    Although this was blackberry specific, still I found AirTel better 🙂

  2. Airtel – you truly don’t seem to be too “Happy to help!”
    That tag line is for Vodafone only 🙂 Does airtel have/need a tagline?

  3. I too had a pretty bad experience with Airtel once I shifted to the network at IIML. Once I called up customer service and said that I had some problem. The guy argued that the number I’m calling from doesn’t even belong to Airtel! It took me close to 15 mins before he accepted that it was his mistake. I thought what the hell and then shifted back to vodafone which is my favorite network. Everything is possible online in vodafone whereas recharging airtel account online is a pain 😦

  4. @ Sudipta: Different strokes for different folks – or maybe they have their mutal strong and weak regions in terms of service quality – bound to happen. Maybe tis hard to be good everywhere! 😛

  5. I was a very happy customer of airtel till i had to shift base from delhi to bangalore.Inspite of making the landline bill payments the women kept calling pestering even worse than the door to door sales people.In the event of not reaching me she picked no.s from frequent call list and called up my aged parents and threaten them of legal proceedings.To show my protest i ‘ve disconnected my new connection and ensured telling every on i knew of this attitude caused only due wrong recruitments.

  6. I have disappointed with airtel customer care in bangalore. Even Airtel Digital Tv are pathetic in bangalore. They asked me to pay 1250 INR Rupees through IVR to convert my normal connetion to HD connection. Once i have credited 1300 Rs through IVR then they asked for 2250 for HD connection. When i asked to customer care care guy then he suggested to mail to airtel. when I mailed them then they never reply on that. They are simply fraud.


  7. Hi I have had similar complaints. I recharged my mobile with a booster pack but it is not working. I tried calling the Airtel Customer Care but no body is responding. Looks like Airtel is involved in big time stealing from its customers to pay the 3G allocation. Be aware. These guys can take us for a ride

  8. Perm Agarwal,

    M/S Lovely telecom,


    Alwar-(Rajasthan) 301410,



    I am working as a RD point since last two years at the above address, Yesterday 27-Jan-2011 I was surprised when I herd from Mr. Sunil Sharma(TM) regarding the billing stoppage and the pending dues of Jun 2010 has been denied to reimburse, In the evening hours I rushed to Alwar to talk in this relevance to Mr. Mugdh Rajit (ZSM).after I long struggle and a long wait I was able to meet him, and explained him the entire issue, in spite of resolving this issue he has charged me that i am working for some other mobile service provider and you are required to bring some numbers for number portability as other RD point are doing or else you have been sacked for further serviced and called me in the morning at 1130 hrs,

    As per the directions, i have visited the Alwar office at the given time but Mr. Mugdh Rajit (ZSM) has denied seeing me so I have tendered a hand written application to the branch manager for the kind intervention but he has shown his in efficacy in acknowledgement of this letter.

    Now by your media I wish to request you to kindly intervene into this matter and do the needful.

    Thanking you in anticipation.


    Perm Agarwal

  9. Maybe airtel delhi is okay, but airtel in faridabad is an absolute mess. They are a bunch of department working independly of each other and are best at passing the buck at each other and making the customer suffer

  10. Hi …i got irritated by airtel customer care….it really sucks in assam….i always gets angry on airtel customer care…they will cut the call in between multiple times…sometimes they use to play songs after connecting to customer care person,and they will detect money from balance with out saying anything….i got frustrated…i am going to switch network through mobile portability to other network….

  11. Sorry to type this … bt no other way … The worst customer service in the world will be AirTel. Whenever i call them it will end up in a fight , many times i had the same issue . Wherever you go in India and speak to AirTel CC u’ll face the same issue . The agents over there don’t even know English and if we say some issues i’m damns sure they will disconnct the call.Today i called them with an issue of ma hello tone , it was just the song which i’ve activated was changed … But my call got thru a gal she doesnt even speak english and dunno wht hse has done . She has deactivated my hello tone sevice , i had that service activated for 6 months by paying 120inr.she hung up the call.. again got another agent he activated an entirely different song …Spoke the the TL nothing changed ,,, Finally i had to loose ma 150 rs and im damn disappointed by them… THE WORS WORST WORST SERVICE IN THE WORLD IS AIRTEL ….. Bt i love love neva like their service …..

  12. The ever disgusting ,disappointing, worst customer care of India and the world.
    definitely it’s better that Airtel top Management realize it before its too late.

  13. The ever disgusting ,disappointing, worst customer care of India and the world.
    Let the good sense prevail with Airtel top Management and they realize it sooner before its too late.

  14. Hi… I have been using airtel connection more than 6 years.. in recent days, some packs are getting activated by itself and the 198 (airtel complaints) doesnot respond properly. i have called nearly 5 times a day and each CC operator gives a different information.. i am highly dissatisfied with the POOR service. More over i got new number for which the money was charged for booster pack at airtel authorised showroom. still the booster is not activated. when i call for 198, they hang up the call while talking, or while transfering the call to higher executive.. some times they block my number from getting connected to 198. and every time different operator provides different reason. the ppl in showroom doesnot even know the amount of booster topup. and now the cc ppl and the showroom ppl (both) are not taking the responsibility of the mistake done..
    how RUDE.. worst service

    They got the cash and have not done anything… and the highlight is that they are RUDE to we customers..

    very clever business tricks..
    1. activating some pack and charging amount…
    2. when asked for the reason to 198, they cancel the service
    3. Money is never refunded

    might be a rupee per customer.. but howmany customers are there for Airtel…

    this can happen in CHENNAI only i think..

  15. Airtel is pathetic!!! never ever go 4 airtel…..dey blcoked all the ports for my torrents….and when i call the technical support dey put me on hold and they go away for more dan half an hour…..dey should just shutdown the service if they really cant help…..bloody loosers!!…waste of time and waste of money if you go for airtel….Whoever the ceo of airtel is…..find out whats happening behind ur back asshole…..ur company SUCKS BIG TIME……Will you let me go if i dont pay the bill::?? Y D FUCK CANT U RESOLVE D ISSUES?? U SICK BASTARDS!!!!!!!

  16. Airtel customer care is totally rubbish , they don’t know what they are talking .. atleast they shuold hire graduates rather than illeterate to save cost… they should have printout of plans because they can’t find information on their system..
    Easy test to check there stupidity – call them and ask plan for your number and you will get different answer all the time.. very funny and pathetic at the same time.. hope some one from Airtel management will read this!

  17. It has been 4 days since I got an airtel sim card and that has not got activated. Pathetic service. Made 40 calls to customer care and still no solution. Really pathetic. am stuck without a phone and god knows till when!

  18. Mehta

    I am using prepaid card of Airtel. facing lots of problem of net work in Mumbai. Also facing frequent problem of outgoing is stop, due to minimum balance of 20-30 rupees, For prepaid card mininmum balance require is 5 rupees . Even It is not possible to speak with customer care more than one chance. & alway if we will speak with customer care then automatically lines will be disconnected. Then for the second time you are not able to speak with customer care . This is the very chepeast communication services, then Other network services of vodafone, reliance.

  19. Airtel..
    After 2 g scam and its related verdict many operators showed their real face by stooping very low and deducting balance from accounts .
    Similar is the case with Airtel .Known for its good network i chose Airtel
    but soon my balace started decreasing has become a pick pocketer and no one takes your call.
    Air tel also charge for talkng to customer care.really cheap policy adopted by airtel.
    Thank god i can port my number.

  20. Airtel sucks big time…. agents don’t understand English and obviously can’t speak that too…. they disconnect call and after 3 attempts they even block your calls to their customer service…. most of their reps. Are illiterate villagers who don’t understand English…. these motherfuckers need to suck their own prick…

  21. I have recently bought an airtel 3G dongle and I have been harrased to the extreme point with pathetic speeds. At times it stops downloading and automatically disconnets thereafter refusing to connects for hours and sometimes even for a while day !!
    Customer Care number: 1800 103 0405 is a bogus number. It doesn’t work and after select options 1 (for airtel 3 dongle support), 2 (for english), 1 (for postpaid) it just disconnects.
    I am fed up and with the services and will be taking appropriate action in a few days. Also it has billed me for 5000 + INR when my credit limit itself is lower than 2500 INR. and i find no justification to the billed amount!
    Please, i urge all consumers not to subscribe to airtel 3G services!
    I have even filed a complaint against them on their site as well as here, at Consumer Court site but so far no action has been taken on this case.I hope i will get the proper solution of my complaint very soon.

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