Airtel – Disappointing, yet again!

Dear Mr. Mittal,

It’s Ironical.

I haven’t even written a blog post after the one in which I expressed my dissatisfaction with Airtel’s mobile services that another incident happens. At Gurgaon (where I am interning this summer), a few of us college-mates staying together planned to install Airtel Broadband. This is how it turns out:

Saturday: April 10: 11.30 AM: Airtel Sales Officer (Vikas) comes. Insists on us paying the entire amount (in CASH) upfront – promising that the connection will be installed shaam tak (latest by evening).

Saturday: April 10: Evening: No communication from Airtel. Broadband not yet installed. Vikas does not answer phone call.

Sunday: April 11: Vikas picks up the phone. Says “server down thha” (The Server was down) and it apparently slipped out of his mind. Promises broadband will be installed by this evening. – Which obviously does not happen.

Monday: April 12: No response from anyone at Airtel. Neither Vikas up the phone – nor (as per his own claims) his “boss” Manoj. Finally in the evening they pick up. “Sir, broadband will be installed by tommorow.”

Tuesday: April 13: 11 AM: Manoj: “Sir, broadband will be POSITIVELY installed by this evening. Call me at 6 PM, I will send the person within 10 minutes.

Tuesday: April 13: 7.30: Manoj and Vikas have conviniently refused to answer their cell phones from our contact numbers. Finallly at 7.30 they pick up and say “Sir, broadband will be POSITIVELY installed by tommorow morning!”

Whether I should beleive them or not is anyone’s guess. The worst part is that THERE IS NO WAY I can communicate this to Airtel. There is NO HELPLINE, absolutely NO WAY Airtel can get to know of this.

Airtel – I know you are growing very fast! 🙂 .. Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal – You’re great! … But it’s time you look down at the ground and see what’s happening to your company! – ironically this is right under your nose across the road from the Airtel Corporate Office at DLF City, Gurgaon.

Warm Regards,

10 residents who were naive enough to beleive that Airtel is a ‘world class’ company with ‘excellent customer service.’

4 thoughts on “Airtel – Disappointing, yet again!

  1. Hi… I have been using airtel connection more than 6 years.. in recent days, some packs are getting activated by itself and the 198 (airtel complaints) doesnot respond properly. i have called nearly 5 times a day and each CC operator gives a different information.. i am highly dissatisfied with the POOR service. More over i got new number for which the money was charged for booster pack at airtel authorised showroom. still the booster is not activated. when i call for 198, they hang up the call while talking, or while transfering the call to higher executive.. some times they block my number from getting connected to 198. and every time different operator provides different reason. the ppl in showroom doesnot even know the amount of booster topup. and now the cc ppl and the showroom ppl (both) are not taking the responsibility of the mistake done..
    how RUDE.. worst service

  2. very clever business tricks..
    1. activating some pack and charging amount…
    2. when asked for the reason to 198, they cancel the service
    3. Money is never refunded

    might be a rupee per customer.. but howmany customers are there for Airtel…

    this can happen in CHENNAI only i think..

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