Johnny Gone Down – Karan Bajaj


After the best-selling Keep off the Grass (which I had written about it an earlier post), Karan Bajaj is back with his second novel.

Johnny Gone Down is about an Ivy League Scholar who had a bright future at NASA ahead of him but things seem to take a dramatic turn from an innocent vacation. The protagonist then partakes a series of adventures and the synopsis as given on the website leaves the casual interested reader like me, a tad confounded about what eventually would happen to Johnny. I’m waiting to pick this one up!

I was glad to know that Harper Collins is printing 50,000 copies of the thriller in the first print run – which is quite a number by any standards – and especially by Indian publishing standards. (Link to the relevant Hindustan Times article – Will IIM Alumni’s novel rewrite publishing rules in India?)

Here’s to a fellow BIT Mesra and IIM Alum –  way to go, Karan – I’m waiting to get my hands on this one! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Johnny Gone Down – Karan Bajaj

  1. My take after reading the book and your blog

    Short review: if you haven’t read it, trust me and buy it.

    Longer one: I stumbled upon this book, while buying groceries. I had a look, since it was from unknown author, I didn’t spent extra time apart from reading the synopsis. The next time, I saw it in the hands of extremely good looking lady waiting at the airport. The third time, I was getting the information on ‘how to get your book published in India’.

    The final time, it showed up in the list of Indian reads from I just ordered it.

    I haven’t come across a well written thriller attempted ….. please continue reading on my blog by clicking here.

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