Lovemarks: the future beyond brands

There is a concept in marketing called “consumer immersion” – The term is actually applicable to anything that one chooses to do. Any area that one wishes to major or specialise in. You have to immerse yourself in the subject and try and learn as much as is possible on it. Currently I am in the middle of an endavour to understand more and  more about marketing as a profession during my summer internship at Nestle India. I have met some great people here – and one of them who stands out is Mr. Virat Mehta, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Nestle India.

We have had a couple of enriching and memorable discussions on brands, communication, thoughts and books. In fact, he also appreciated my blog. One of the books he recommended to me is Lovemarks: the future beyond brands. The book written by Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide (one of the world’s leading advertising agencies) is considered a ‘bible’ by marketeers and advertisers the world over. I remember a similar book that I used to find on the book-shelf at home when I was a kid – Ogilvy on Advertising – by David Ogilvy. I quite liked the pictures in that book – pictures of print advertisements and I used to get particularly amused staring at the picture of a beautiful naked lady in it. 😉

Lovemarks is about brands, brand communication and about how brands need to constantly evolve to make the consumer connected. I have just gotten back from spending a day at Publicis India – where I was breifly taken through an ‘orientation’ of the various departments, how ‘artwork’ is created, published, studios where high-res images are designed and the people (both creative and technical) who design them. I’m pretty high on communication, advertising and brands at the moment.

Here’s a synopsis of Lovemarks:

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