MOVIE REVIEW: Udaan: Flies, Soars, makes it to Cannes!

While we’re all busy getting ‘INCEPTION-ed’, let us not miss a brilliant offering from Anurag Kashyap. Check out the ‘UDAAN’ trailer. I saw the movie last night – and it is very, very fresh .. and perhaps pretty relevant socially! The gist of the story will is relevant form the trailer. Teenage boy – part of a mischevious ‘gang’ in school. Has a lot of fun – not all of it something parents would encourage – but I guess it is all a part of growing up. Adult Movies, running out of hostels, getting caught by the warden, running.. stumbling!
Udaan takes off in style, flies with a pace that is a little slow, but keeps you glued thanks to brilliant performances by Rajat Barmecha (plays ‘Rohan’ – lead role and our ‘man in question’), Ronit Roy (the Dad), Ram Kapoor (Chacha – another brilliant piece of characterisation) and Aayan Boradia (the little kid who plays ‘Rohan’s brother). The movie is centered around 3 themes:
  1. Paternal instincts (and expectations) of a father who grew up in a different generation
  2. Dreams of a son brought up in an entire diffrent generation – one that is also relevant to the stage INDIA is at right now.
  3. Hope – The battle against ‘FEAR’ to convert your ‘DREAMS’
When I say the theme is ‘relevant’ to the ‘stage India is at right now’ – I mean it. Because I feel it. The new symbol of the Indian National Rupee (INR), the world-class “new” New Delhi Airport or the CommonWealth game that we are hosting – We are roaring and soaring. Which is why Udaan is relevant.. relevant to NOW!
Technically, the movie is made with the audience in mind. The typical audience that would not want a song-and-dance sequence which appears out of place. The typical audience that can appreciate the value and the power that ‘silences’ command in a movie. And the sort of audience that would not whistle when ‘Kantilal ke Angoor’ is being shown in the movie. Because it is a part of the movie and not intended to tantalize your senses!
Anurag Kashyap continues to impress us all with his movies. He makes you sit up and take notice – time and time again! Vikram Motwane shines in his directorial debut – as do all the actors, and the entire cast. Being India’s only official entry into Cannes this year is no mean feat. We NEED more movies like this – to enthuse, inspire and charge the generation that is us! 🙂
Like a friend of mine remarked, “Udaan does not fly, it soars!” – It is about soaring to freedom!

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