Tastiest Dessert EVER: NolenGurer Ice Cream @ Oh! Calcutta

A few months ago I had reviewed 2 restaurants serving authentic Bengali cuisines – Kewpies and Oh! Calcutta. While Kewpies is a more regular (read: homely) place, Oh! Calcutta is a fine dining restaurant. Last night me and mom went out for dinner to Oh! Calcutta.

While the service and ambiance was of the usual  high levels we have come to expect from Specialty Restaurants, what blew our minds was the dessert. We hadn’t tried it before and we did not know something like this existed but I couldn’t stop licking the spoon!

Nolengurer Ice Cream

Nolengurer Ice Cream: is an ice cream made out of Gur (jaggery, a natural sugar with health benefits,also derived from sugarcane). I remember doting on “Gur ka Sandesh” (known as ‘Gurer Sondesh’ in Bengali) especially during the winters when I was very young. “Gur ka Sandesh” dots sweets stores during the winters because apparently the ‘Gur’ melts during the summers and is inedible in solid form unless refrigerated.

The NolenGurer Ice Cream at Oh! Calcutta is unique and is sure to tantalize your taste buds in ways you can’t imagine. For all my friends in other cities, Oh! Calcutta has branches in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, in addition to Kolkata of course. Go, check it out and then drop me a line – let us share the criminal craving! 😉

5 thoughts on “Tastiest Dessert EVER: NolenGurer Ice Cream @ Oh! Calcutta

  1. The Nalen Gur Ice Cream has been invented by Fresh and Naturelle Ice Creams. They were the ones to first conceptualize, design and manufacture it in Calcutta. This ice cream is available at all FnN outlets and the leading Bengali restaurants in Calcutta and other cities as well as Taj, Park and ITC.

  2. I had Nolen Gurer Ice Cream yesterday at Sigree, EM Bypass, Kolkata – absolutely awesome! I am definitely going back for more! God bless them for such an amazing dessert!

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