Branding Bengal

Maa Durga, Durga PujaI recently read in the news that Wally Olins, founder of Brand Consulting company Wolff-Olins had a very special proposal approved. Not that he hasn’t had special proposals in the past approved before this – they’ve branded the London 2012 Olympics as well. But by “special” I mean special to me and most others who hail form Bengal.

Cheif Minister of Bengal, Mr. Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee accepted his proposal to brand West Bengal. He was appointed to “to create a brand idea and brand identity for the state of West Bengal.” In a state that is marred by controversy, moved by ‘bandhs’ and threatened by Maoist unrest, the need perhaps is felt to instil a sense of pride in people for belonging to the place. A clear emphasis, according to the newspaper report, will also be on positioning West Bengal as an attractive investment destination.

Waiting to see the output of an effort towards Branding Bengal! 🙂

Read the original news article here.

One thought on “Branding Bengal

  1. just wondering… what are the states with highest per capita income…
    (above are annual per capita in dollar)(wikipedia)
    only 2 states above 1000:(
    how many among these advertise them as preferred business/tourist destination?
    gujrat, maybe TN karnatka in south
    but top 2 delhi & haryana never advertises themselves,
    if delhi and haryana can be on top without any advertising or brand building then why gujrat or west bengal or m.pradesh despite being so much marred in poverty, is wasting resources. I think industry or you & me will look for on the ground realities rather than pompous brand building.
    isnt it a paradox that brand building and all is capitalist fundas and bengal is ruled by communists, its gud to see dat they r changing… but my point is not that…
    at this point when elections are approching in bengal, isnt this similar to India Shining campaign of BJP(2004 elections). and just after elections shining sun sets.
    yes they will say industry will come and jobs will get generated and their will be trickle down effect and finally poor wins….blah blah. but you dont need ads to get industries, tata went to gujrat not bcoz amitabh said gujrat is vibrant but bcoz modi gave them incentives, maharashtra and delhi/ncr accounts for 50% FDI that flows inti india….

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