Current Status: Writing a book!

I don’t really remember talking about this on TalkingTails, but yes – it is official now! – I am writing a book!

Apart form helping me evolve as an articulator of thoughts, I also get to work with a phenomenal set of people – my publisher, editors, designers .. and a few friends who help me design the concept / cover, etc.

Here’s something my commissioning editor told me when we were casually discussing the business of publishing, editing and all that goes behind making a good book.

“Everybody is looking for the bestseller!”

– She didn’t really intend it to be a ‘quotable quote’ I am sure. But the inherent realism struck me – in so many ways are looking for the bestseller – be it the next big product, the anchor client, the magic formula or the ‘killer’ idea! We are all looking for the bestseller. Aren’t we?

6 thoughts on “Current Status: Writing a book!

  1. Hey, good luck with your book! If you are entitled to talk about it, then what’s it about?

    Best wishes for a ‘bestseller’ 🙂

  2. @ DC: Thanks mate! 🙂

    @ Debosmita: Welcome to TalkingTails! – I am entitled to talk about it.. (MY book, after all!) 😉 .. But I’d rather have an official public announcement / release about the book. We have some buzz-creation plans. You’ll find out soon!

    Thanks for your wishes – Appreciate. And do keep dropping by. Do you blog too?

  3. i would like to suggest 2 books on writing a book,
    1.On Writing , by Stephen King
    2. Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamott

    1st one I have read, very gud book
    2nd one was suggested to me by a friend who also hopes to be a author.

    also their are 2 more reference book that may help ypu
    1. Bryson’s Dictionary: For Writers And Editors by Bill Bryson
    2. The Only Grammar Book You’ll Ever Need: A One-Stop Source For Every Writing Assignment by Susan Thurman, Larry Shea

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