The 3 L’s of Kottayam!

Just landed at Kerala – I’m actually in the middle of the tours of book-reading sessions of The Fresh Brew and happened to keep a promise that I had once made to one of my closest college buddies. The promise was to visit Kerala and I finally made it!

My flight from Mumbai touched down at Cochin and from there it was a bus journey to come to Kottayam. Kerala – in all its pristine beauty was what kept me engaged along the way – and of course, conversation and catching up with my college friend.

By evening, I was told about the 3 L’s of Kottayam:

  1. Latex: Because Kottayam is the country’s largest source of rubber and is (of course!) full of rubber trees all around.
  2. Letters: Because Kottayam is home to some of the country’s largest selling newspapers/magazines – including Malayam Manorama and Matribhoomi.
  3. Lakes: Self-explanatory – the backwaters!

I’m going to spend the next few days here and can’t even wait to experience what awaits me at Kottayam, the backwaters and Kovallam, the beach! 🙂

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