Coke Studio India

It’s Official! – COKE Studio – Now in India

I have been a huge fan of  the phenomenon that Coke Studio is. Wet ahile I loved the Pakistan version of Coke Studio (See: My Top-5 Coke Studio Songs), I was keenly awaiting announcement of Coke Studio’s India Version. And that has finally happened. CampaignIndia recently reported that Coke Studio has tied up with MTV India and will be on Air starting June 17.

I think it is a GREAT concept by Coca Cola to reach out to its fans (and fans of music). 5 reasons:

  1. Goes very well with Coca Cola’s current campaign – “Little Drops of joy” / “Open Happiness”
  2. Goes very well with Coca Cola’s long-term Heritage of  “Refreshment”
  3. Given that a majority of the consumers of Coke are the YOUTH (who would also be music enthusiasts), there is an opportunity to capture the attention (and hence mindshare) of exactly the target audience
  4. The show has been intelligently TITLED “Coke Studio” – ‘Studio’ being a nondescript word just by itself, it is essential to add the work “Coke” everytime one is referring to the show (which again, aids recall)
  5. The show itself stands for pushing the boundaries of music – which is also the essence of the way a company like Coca-Cola (highgly marketing-communication oriented company) implements its innovative campaigns
The production side will be handled by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment. So much for Marketing and the Business of Entertainment. Time to get hooked.. Let the music flow!

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