Netbook Search & Lessons learnt in Marketing!

One of the best ways to gauge and understand consumer buying behaviour is to try and analyze your own thought process and information-search process while in the process of choosing/buying a product. I am in the process of searching for information on netbooks in India. (If you have any inputs/personal experience in using netbooks, please help!). During the course of my information-search, 2 theoretical learnings became evident in practice:

1. The internet is a POWERFUL tool for a brand
I had no idea of an Acer Aspire D250 till today. But thanks to some STRONG Online PR and active, engaged users posting comments, I have developed a positive opinion about the product. Since comments in furoms, portals are mostly user-based (are they?) the reason to beleive the claims are strong and hence, they tend to make an immediate impact on one’s perception.

2. A negative brand experience (especially for high-value items) can leave a terrible taste in the mouth of the consumer.
I used an HP Pavillion Notebook for a year and the (apparently common!) hinges problem struck my Laptop too. The result, of course, was that in my perception HP as a brand took a huge hit and the perception continues even now (3 years later) when I consider netbooks – a different category where HP is also present.

As for my decision of netbook, I am sold on an Ideapad S10-3C for now – arguably the best available in India right now at that price point. And of course, Lenovo Laptops are sturdy and I personally like their Keypads a lot – they are very finger-friendly!

One thought on “Netbook Search & Lessons learnt in Marketing!

  1. I am using a netbook and I would advice not to buy one if you are going to use it for ppt or word or excel. Also to make the product cheap there’s a lot of compromise on quality.
    If you are buying it for net or entertainment then tablets are better option in terms of ease of use, batt life and touchscreen.
    Otherwise buy a normal screen laptop.
    Netbooks are cheapest and does everything but they are not best for anything.

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