Luxury Brands: Social Media Blues

I was just wondering, while taking an established brand to the Social Media space might be a challenge as well, it is definitely easier than ‘building’ a brand online or taking a relatively lesser known (or niche) brand into the social media space.

I tried to look up some articles on how Luxury brands are taking to the social media space. Of course, the research was preceded as well as follow up with a lot of thinking and here is what I have concluded – 3 points:

  1. An iconic brand (Maggi, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, etc.) can start working on Social Media by using the ‘Brand’ name itself and then building stories around it. Stories that are engaging. Like the Facebook extension of the iconic ‘Me & Meri Maggi’ campaign. Over 25 years since being launched, the ‘Me & Meri Maggi’ campaign has given the brand a boost – as has the new variants that have come in. (Incidentally, I feature on the packs of one of the new flavours – Maggi Romantic Capsica!)
  2. For a lesser known/niche brand, one perhaps needs to scratch the surface a litte deeper. Maybe it would help if the initial engagement created on Facebook is around a ‘neutral’ topic / area of interest rather than bringing the brand upfront right at the beginning. For instance, if you are a Frozen Yoghurt chain that is launching, it might be a good idea to spend the first few months generating interest around ‘Health Foods’ or ‘Nutritional benefits of milk’. Once you have been able to build a significant amount of traction/interest, it might make sense to “reveal” your brand in the open.
  3. Any online (read: Facebook) campaign has to be supported by an Offline equivalent. Freebies are great! – For any activity online, send something tangible to a selected group of people – this increases ‘buzz’iness around your brand. For instance, Reebok’s Reetone campaign sent out a set of shoes for girls who uploaded videos of them shaking their booties!
The fourth (and definitely the least significant) realization was that there are a zillion sites giving armchair advice on the ‘pitfalls’ of SMM (Social Media Marketing) or that you need ‘patience’ and ‘persistence’ to succeed in Social Media – please steer clear. Unless you come across an interesting article that has a no-nonsense approach – lays down 10 ‘to-do’s in bullet-point format. Like this one. 

One thought on “Luxury Brands: Social Media Blues

  1. Well, for iconic brands SMM on the FB sphere is eased out in the sense many loyalists will just join their page for telling them that they support them. The real challenge for such brands is how to make sure that these people actively engage in any event or a simple wall post that they come across ..
    just launching events and giving freebies can give you an additional kick .. but to maintain your active fan base you have to make sure that your content
    -> is refreshingly fresh at all times
    -> is socially relevant to your fan base ( may or may not b relevant to ur brand ,, but it should connect to
    audience 4 sure )

    all things said and done the SMM phase on FB is very unpredictable .. people like fresh ideas for events to be interested in them .. all you got to do is think what shall (f)connect .. 🙂

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