‘Marketing Thought’ for the day!

The previous organization I worked with (pre-MBA) was a start-up. Like most other nascent stage companies, as an organization we were more pre-occupied with survival issues rather than ‘brand-building’. Yet, I thought it was critical for even a small company to follow certian basic tenets of brand communication. Like consistency.

Where I work now is the exact opposite end of the spectrum. The marketing team (and we have a strong team with people from different kinds of marketing backgrounds) takes pains to ensure that every creative, every font is consistent with overall brand guidelines which govern every creative output. Indeed, my appreciation for ONE, single, unifying message and how we present that message has only grown over my MBA and my current work.


P.S. No.. this isn’t a new blog column I started on ‘Marketing.’ Just felt like calling it “thought for the day!”  .. Just to make it up to those who clicked on the link believing it will have a significant amount of content, it might make sense to take a look at this presentation.

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