Coming Soon: Flipkart Experience Zones (?)

All right, quick update!

On a recent visit to the Gopalan Innovation Mall at Bannerghata Road, Bangalore we saw something that we were a tad surprised to see. Plush retail space (3rd floor inside a prominent South-Bangalore mall) with minimalistic but reasonably elegant  (and definitely new!) furniture inside it. And on top of it hung a brightly lit glow-sign pronouncing “Flipkart Experience Zone”.

Out of the many ways that could possibly use it, I can think of these 3 right away:

  1. It could use it as a distribution channel – Enabling customers to pick-up pre-ordered items which were called for online and pick them up from the stores
  2. Or a store with an automated product dispensing machine to “automate” the delivery process – Like did with Amazon Lockers, which were installed inside of Staples Stores
  3. Or a pure-play customer service initiative – for resolving service issues, returning damaged items; and so on.

Or all 3. Who knows.

So what’s cooking? – Your thoughts?

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