TalkingTails, Retail Customer Engagement and other stuff!

I’ve largely been off blogging at TalkingTails for a while. There were a whole lot of movie reviews, food reviews, and travel reviews that I used to blog about, but a lot of that seems to have dried up. Mostly work-related travel, long hours and married life are the factors I attribute this to. These have clearly managed to keep me away from my most interesting (and probably also most consistent) hobby over the last decade – blogging!


The good news is that I have kept the “blogging fire” alive at least professionally – having started a new blog focused on Retail Customer Engagement – RetailNeo, and contributing to the official blog of Capillary Technologies, where I have been working for close to a couple of years now. In case you were a regular reader at TalkingTails – and haven’t been seeing enough content here – do hope over to some of the content I’ve been posting at these other couple of places.

As with everything I’ve done in the past, I’m super-passionate about some of the things happening in the Intelligent Customer Engagement space – around Retail and eCommerce, In store technologies, digital marketing, big data analytics – essentially the whole ecosystem around CEM (Customer Experience Management), the next “phase” of CRM if you will. It’s an exciting space – and if you have anything to do with it, I’d like to hear what’s going on?! 🙂

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