Inner Mongolia Trip: Day 3

Day 3: En He — Zixing Forest Farm — Hau River Scenic Area — Ergur River in Sino-Russian border — Mi Wei in the famous town of Linjiang

We woke up to a beautiful snowfall outside from the window and started our day with breakfast. We topped it up with the handmade Russian bread and blueberry jam, picked up from the bakery last night.

On the way to Linjiang to the Zixing Forest Area to see snow covered birch trees. We reached the snow-covered forest (still snowing) and it felt like we are in a movie suddenly. The Russians ladies said this is very similar to their hometown Kamchatka.

Next stop was Hawu’erhe Scenic area. The thousand winding river is usually visible from the highest viewpoint but since it was a snowy day we couldn’t capture the yellow trees along the river very well. Again, a magical (and incredibly cold) walk to the top. And the highlight was the snowman that Shruti had created under Aunty’s direction.

Lunch was at the Russian ethnic township of Linjiang, right by the Russian border, after which we headed to the Sino-Russian Friendship Bridge, over the Ergun river which divides the 2 countries. The Ergun river forms much of the border on the western and northern sides of Inner Mongolia.

Folks from the 3 countries waved their respective flags at the Border signifying the unity and friendship of our 3 countries!

We ended the evening with a Sunset point trek, again some very pretty photo-Ops, before heading to our hotel for the day at Linjiang Ditch, literally on the border. We got dinner at a local quasi-Russian place to the Russian folks tunes doled out by a village local on the Accordion.

Probably the most eventful day of our trip so far.

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