C-Tailing & Omni-Channel Commerce

At the recently concluded NRF’s (National Retail Federation‘s),  BIG SHOW 2013, attendees were introduced to an emerging concept in customer engagement by NCR, (the National Cash Register Company). I actually liked how they positioned this new paradigm – they call it c-tailing (or Converged Retailing) for a C2B marketplace. While traditional business models revolved on either B2B or B2C businesses, C2B lays down that starting … Continue reading C-Tailing & Omni-Channel Commerce

5 reasons why the buzz around ‘Narendra Modi for PM’ is good for India!

For the last 6 years that I have been blogging on TalkingTails.in, I have refrained from writing about politics. Unlike many of my more accomplished blogger counterparts, it was not because I wanted to steer clear of any sensitive subjects or anything. It’s just that ‘Politics’ didn’t seem like anything of any consequence to me. A few incidents over the past few months, a near-broken, … Continue reading 5 reasons why the buzz around ‘Narendra Modi for PM’ is good for India!

Coming Soon: Flipkart Experience Zones (?)

All right, quick update! On a recent visit to the Gopalan Innovation Mall at Bannerghata Road, Bangalore we saw something that we were a tad surprised to see. Plush retail space (3rd floor inside a prominent South-Bangalore mall) with minimalistic but reasonably elegant  (and definitely new!) furniture inside it. And on top of it hung a brightly lit glow-sign pronouncing “Flipkart Experience Zone”. Out of the … Continue reading Coming Soon: Flipkart Experience Zones (?)