‘The Fresh Brew’ – Book Launch Video

The fruition – An effort that took 9 months since being conceptualized and challenged the limits of my patience, perseverance and pursuit. Not to forget, it taught me invaluable lessons in ‘time management’! 🙂 Pleased to share the Launch Video for My first book – ‘The Fresh Brew’! It is set to hit bookstores across India by the first week of February. You can pre-order … Continue reading ‘The Fresh Brew’ – Book Launch Video

Current Status: Writing a book!

I don’t really remember talking about this on TalkingTails, but yes – it is official now! – I am writing a book! Apart form helping me evolve as an articulator of thoughts, I also get to work with a phenomenal set of people – my publisher, editors, designers .. and a few friends who help me design the concept / cover, etc. Here’s something my commissioning editor … Continue reading Current Status: Writing a book!