Kabir ke Dohe: In train

On my way back from Amravathi, I was listening to my MP3 player and somehow – by God’s Grace (quite literally), I shuffled down to listening to “Chadariya Jhini re Jhini” by Anup Jalota. The song started with the following quote from Kabir – “Kabir ka Dohe” (Kabir’s couplets): Jab tu aaya jagat mein, jug hanse tu roye Aise karni kar chhado, tu hanse jug … Continue reading Kabir ke Dohe: In train


This one was written the day I read about US attacking Iraq. I felt for the innocent civilians who would be losing thier loves. At the same time, I thought about the misery that the people of Kashmir have been going through for decades now. Will the world ever respond to thier shouts and cries?? … My musings…. Thoughts of an Unkown Indian Violence! Terror! … Continue reading THOUGHTS OF AN UNKNOWN INDIAN