Airtel – Disappointing, yet again!

Dear Mr. Mittal, It’s Ironical. I haven’t even written a blog post after the one in which I expressed my dissatisfaction with Airtel’s mobile services that another incident happens. At Gurgaon (where I am interning this summer), a few of us college-mates staying together planned to install Airtel Broadband. This is how it turns out: Saturday: April 10: 11.30 AM: Airtel Sales Officer (Vikas) comes. … Continue reading Airtel – Disappointing, yet again!

Airtel Customer Care – Disappointing!

I usually don’t rant about stuff on this blog. But now I have to. Having been a satisfied customer of Vodafone for close to 4 years, I had to switch to Aiirtel once I shifted to Lucknow because most people on campus have Airtel. And what a downslide it has been! There are 3 things I didn’t like about Airtel particularly: 1. They keep changing … Continue reading Airtel Customer Care – Disappointing!