All Marketers are Liars: Seth Godin – 2/5

Having joined a core marketing role post my MBA, I thought I should read some ‘real’ marketing books to understand how marketing works in the ‘real’ world. Get over Kotler, I thought – and lets get down to how marketing ‘happens’ on the ground. It is hard to browse the internet on marketing content and not get recommendations or linkbacks to Seth Godin’s blog, videos or his … Continue reading All Marketers are Liars: Seth Godin – 2/5

The GOOD that people do!

Today seems to be a good day – Media-wise -for me! Friends featured all over – There is an article in MoneyToday about “Innovating to stay ahead”. It features some friends – so I just thought I’d record these links: Quetzal – That’s where I work. Always good to have your company featured in the magazines! AKVenture – Founded by Kaushik and Arun from IIM … Continue reading The GOOD that people do!

What is Quetzal?

It’s not a common word – but ‘Quetzal’s aren’t a common species! (Pun intended for all those who are able to get it!) 😉 According to Wikipedia, Quetzals are strikingly colored birds of the trogon family (Trogonidae) found in tropical regions of the Americas. For the uninitiated, ‘Quetzal’ (pronounced KATE-Sal) is “A famous long-tailed bird of Central America, which is the national bird of Guatemala.” … Continue reading What is Quetzal?