Elections 2009 – Verdict!

I was in Pune over the weekend. It was a dry day because the Election results were coming out. At the cost of sounding disinterested in the affairs of the country, I would like to state my obvious disregard towards being enthusiastic about who wins and who does not. There is no difference in colour, no difference in intention and no different in character – … Continue reading Elections 2009 – Verdict!

The GOOD that people do!

Today seems to be a good day – Media-wise -for me! Friends featured all over – There is an article in MoneyToday about “Innovating to stay ahead”. It features some friends – so I just thought I’d record these links: Quetzal – That’s where I work. Always good to have your company featured in the magazines! AKVenture – Founded by Kaushik and Arun from IIM … Continue reading The GOOD that people do!

Election Special: A Blogger’s 101 on the upcoming elections!

I am not politically aligned. I have not been politically aligned yet. I have not taken an active interest in politics so far – except for keeping track of whatever is reported in the newspaper once in a while. I am  a tax-paying citizen and it’s high time I make a start. So here I go.. I virtually live on the internet. So it is … Continue reading Election Special: A Blogger’s 101 on the upcoming elections!