Google: Technology, Creativity and now.. Marketing!

“Can America’s most iconic advertising campaigns be re-imagined for the web?” As you logon to – this is the question that welcomes you to the website. Project Re:Brief is an advertising experiment by Google where it attempts to bring back some of the most famous advertising campaigns in the history of marketing in the US, and re-invents those still alive brands on the web. … Continue reading Google: Technology, Creativity and now.. Marketing!

1,00,000 Hits!

And here’s the Traffic by month – Of course, September is still ‘in progress’ Number of Posts: 126 Total Comments: 1,307 Categories: 24, Tags: 399 ———————————————————————- I didn’t quite see this coming – but TalkingTails has clocked 1,00,000 hits – I had no idea it would ever get to this number, but I am glad it has! Among other surprising ‘revelations’ was that my Google … Continue reading 1,00,000 Hits!

Google Docs!

Google continues to amaze me. I had written about Google Translate a few months ago.. and Now it’s Google Docs I am going ot talk about. This amazing utility allows you to edit Office Documents online as well as store them. The interface is very neat and easy-to-use and what I particularly liked about Google Docs is the fact that it allows people to share … Continue reading Google Docs!