BOOK REVIEW: Imagining India – Nandan Nilekani

Imagining India: Ideas for the New Century by Nandan Nilekani is a book full of ideas. Leaders like Mr. Nilekani show us the way and when they share their views about modern, changing India and fill it with anecdotes, a young patriot like me can only ‘read on.’ There was a lot to read – the book is high on content and very opinionated. Mr. … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: Imagining India – Nandan Nilekani


I am a die-hard nationalist! I LOVE going to malls on weekends and experiencing first-hand India’s spending BOOM. I LOVE watching IPL and all the cricketing world’s eyes glued to the Indian story. I LOVE Bollywood churning out movie after movie and filled-up multiplexes. I LOVE listening to analysts on CNN Money talking about “The India Story!” I know there are miles to go still.. … Continue reading INDIA!