IndiGo: Viral Marketing

In one of the best examples of an Indian company engaging in Viral Marketing, IndiGo Airlines has demonstrated a strong commitment towards using word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing by sending out emails. These emails are simple, easy and contain plain text only – to avoid making it look like SPAM. You just need to click on a link to get to the page of the actual content. … Continue reading IndiGo: Viral Marketing

Outsourced Marketing?

One of my Linked-in contacts publicly asked this question which I found worth discussing: Can marketing as a function be outsourced? Can the whole function be outsourced or just some part of it? Will it be next in line for outsourcing after IT, HR & legal? In my opinion, marketing is a function that is so central to a business that it requires careful nurturing … Continue reading Outsourced Marketing?