C-Tailing & Omni-Channel Commerce

At the recently concluded NRF’s (National Retail Federation‘s),  BIG SHOW 2013, attendees were introduced to an emerging concept in customer engagement by NCR, (the National Cash Register Company). I actually liked how they positioned this new paradigm – they call it c-tailing (or Converged Retailing) for a C2B marketplace. While traditional business models revolved on either B2B or B2C businesses, C2B lays down that starting … Continue reading C-Tailing & Omni-Channel Commerce

So, what does Gurgaon mean to me?

From the first week of April, ever since we started our summer internship, many of my batchmates – first-timers at Gurgaon had this on their status message – “Gurgaon is a concrete jungle”… and things on similar lines. I don’t really blame them and here’s why. In one eye-span you can see 2 startling images: – Some of the most archtecturally modern and marvellous office structures you … Continue reading So, what does Gurgaon mean to me?