As a kid, throughout middle school especially, I used to eagerly await the “then” WWF / “now” WWE Royal Rumble in January every year! – Why did I start with this?! – Doesn’t matter.. It’s the Royal “RAMBLE” anyway.. Yesterday we went to Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) to give a presentation to prospective Summer Intens – Thankfully, I didn’t have to speak much! … Continue reading Royal RAMBLE!

Snake – bytes on Nokia 3310 / 3315

It’s been a year since I’ve been blogging. I still feel there are a lot of important things that have affected my life that I am yet to blog about.. and will, in due course. Let me talk about one of those in this post: Snake – The game that made Nokia 3310 / 3315 an object of my desire / affection / fancy! The … Continue reading Snake – bytes on Nokia 3310 / 3315