Amul ads & India’s Tour of Australia

India’s current tour of Australia has been marred by controversy. Thankfully things have (sort of!) fallen into some sort of an order now! While researching on a quiz I am conducting at an engineering college (one of the part-time activities I undertake on weekends!), I came across this Amul Ad on India’s Tour of Australia: Find the Best Of Amul Ads on their archive here. … Continue reading Amul ads & India’s Tour of Australia

Friends, RELIANCE & countrymen!

I miss the “school gang.” We were a cohesive group of 7 who are now a scattered bunch. One of them – R1 is working with a leading advertising agency in Mumbai and I was mighty surprised to discover that his agency was the one behind the Reliance “Bol India Bol” campaign. I quite liked the Reliance Mobile Ads on TV which are beemed during … Continue reading Friends, RELIANCE & countrymen!