Ghajini – Reviewed!

(NO SPOILERS!).. Read on.. I wonder if this is the first audience blog-post about Ghajini on the internet! 😉 —————————————————————————————— Ghajini has all the makings of a block-buster! (Duh! – Aamir Khan!) … Actually,  I am an Aamir Khan fan myself (Read my review of Taare Zameen Par) and I was lucky enough to be able to catch a paid preview of Ghajini at Fame … Continue reading Ghajini – Reviewed!

Fooled by Randomness

If I say “I am fooled by Randomness.” How would you interpret that? (a) I am so random and have lots of random things to do (Read: I am bored and I actually have nothing to do!) (b) I am fooled into seeing “patterns” where none exist. If you’ve read the book “Fooled By Randomness” by Nicholas Nassim Taleb, you are likely to agree with … Continue reading Fooled by Randomness

Taare Zameen Par – Reviewed by a non-critic

Taare Zameen Par brought back memories of childhood. No, I wasn’t dyslexic – at least not clinically! But there are some things that are common to children – whether dyslexic or not – they create their own world of imagination and love living in it. I once discussed this with a couple of my friends during one of our late-night never-ending conversations – and we … Continue reading Taare Zameen Par – Reviewed by a non-critic