The GOOD that people do!

Today seems to be a good day – Media-wise -for me! Friends featured all over – There is an article in MoneyToday about “Innovating to stay ahead”. It features some friends – so I just thought I’d record these links: Quetzal – That’s where I work. Always good to have your company featured in the magazines! AKVenture – Founded by Kaushik and Arun from IIM … Continue reading The GOOD that people do!

Quetzal Verify – The ‘NEW’ Website!

When you work towards something, it is always a pretty sight to see the output. When you wanted to change something before coming into an organization, and you actually make it happen after spending some time there – it’s a good feeling – no matter how small the “something” is. I wanted to “re-do” the Quetzal Verify website – and its finally done – Follow the link! … Continue reading Quetzal Verify – The ‘NEW’ Website!