What is Quetzal?

It’s not a common word – but ‘Quetzal’s aren’t a common species! (Pun intended for all those who are able to get it!) 😉 According to Wikipedia, Quetzals are strikingly colored birds of the trogon family (Trogonidae) found in tropical regions of the Americas. For the uninitiated, ‘Quetzal’ (pronounced KATE-Sal) is “A famous long-tailed bird of Central America, which is the national bird of Guatemala.” … Continue reading What is Quetzal?

Come. Look. LOOT!

I finally got down to trying out LootStreet.com. The portal, launched by AKVenture Info Private Limited, is still in it’s beta-phase but it looks all set to be a player in the online market place. Bazee.com and the Rediff / Indiatimes Shopping portals are there. They’re pretty active. But where LootStreet differs is in it’s ability to get the Indian buyer to bargain – our … Continue reading Come. Look. LOOT!