Money2020: Quite a confluence & Capillary’s InStore launch

The thing about a conference like Money2020 is pretty much the fact that there a few conferences that are fairly broad in subject matter and audience. It lies at a very interesting cross-road that brings together people from the 4 very key areas that affect everyday commerce – Retail, Banking, Technology and Marketing. With leading companies (both large corporates, as well as innovative companies) that … Continue reading Money2020: Quite a confluence & Capillary’s InStore launch

iWaiter: The “Forbidden” Apple

There was the iMac. Then there was the iPod. Then there was the iPhone. Now, there is the iWaiter. The iPhone has recently been launched in the US. The cost of an iPhone is USD 500. Obviously, the people who can afford the iPhone are the upwardly mobile or the working professionals with a high opportunity cost. It is therfore, surprising to learn that particularly … Continue reading iWaiter: The “Forbidden” Apple