Now THAT’S Funny!!

One thing I follow strictly (I mean, I don’t have to make an effort to do that, it just happens!) is to switch on the TV and turn to a news Channel to get a wrap of “what’s happening!” over breakfast! So, this morning I decided to say hi to “Headlines Today”.. I do remember that their Newsreaders seem innocent, bubbly .. (of the “cho … Continue reading Now THAT’S Funny!!

Weekend TV on NDTV Profit!

A regular weekend gone by.. with a bit of TV.. The only times I usually watch TV are on Sunday afternoons after lunch.. and Saturday evenings if I’m at home.. NDTV Profit is a pretty neat channel I think.. and has a very informative and entertaining set of programmes that appeal to me.. Just Books – Sunil Sethi’s show for book-lovers including book releases, literary … Continue reading Weekend TV on NDTV Profit!

I can “FEEL” it!

Simply put, one of the BEST commercials I have ever seen! What I really liked about this one is its simplicity and the fact that this ONE commercial showcases almost ALL of Sony’s productss – Sony Ericsson, Sony Walkman phones, Sony Vaoi Laptops, Sony WEGA TV, SOny Handycam, Sony Cybershot, Sony PS/2.. and yet lays down loudly the BRAND that SONY is! SONY – Now … Continue reading I can “FEEL” it!